Use QUASAR in PARALELL With Vuetify why moving to Q

  • Hi I started to develop a rather big site with vue and vuetify express and more have one server app and one client app in different catalogs. I’m not so satisfied with Vuetify because bad documention and feels unstable. I have looked a little at quasar that is better documented feels more stable and have a lot of components. I have no experience of javascript development i have made a little php but my experience is C/C++/Java/corba/dcom/sql/abap/sap and more but i begin to get a grip on it but my question is if it’s possible to load quasar together with vuetify for the client app while moving over to quasar instead of doing a big bang .

  • Yes, it is (and much easier to do it if you were trying to import vuetify in quasar) but I don’t recommend it.
    Vuetify is a complete mess (read my comment here about it), you’ll save a lot of time if you switch completely to Quasar, and quasar-cli
    v0.15 is about to come, and with it a few api changes regarding to layouts so you may want to wait a few days more and do the switch.

  • Thank’s for the comment. The problem is i’m stressed with delivery but have spent a lot of time with lists, data tables slot and props that is buggy in Vuetif.

  • Take a look at this. Quasar v0.15 comes with a UMD version, meaning you can easily integrate it in a page. However, is is recommended to use the starter kit for performance and to avoid bloating. I’d recommend taking some time to get the hang of VueJS while you wait for Quasar v0.15 (any time now)

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