[Solved] Expected indentation problème

  • Hello,

    I’m starting to work on a mobile application and I choose Quasar for it.

    My problem is I have some error like “Expected indentation of 2 spaces but found 4”. I put on my “.eslintrc.js” file the line “no-tabs’: 0”, but I still have this warning on compiling.

    How can I do for not check my indentation and say to all the lines in error. Because, when I really have a problem, the log is illisible. My second problem is I have a black log window when I go to my application and I can not remove it (I join an image). And all the error are indentation expected.!


    Thank you for your help !


  • I finnaly find my answer.

    I had the following row to “.eslintrc.js” file

    “indent”: [“off”, 2],

  • Add ‘[Solved]’ to the title of your post!

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