Diaglog won't close after page is refreshed while dialog is open

  • After the dialog is opened, and the page refreshed, the dialog will not close if opened again. It won’t close by clicking the space around the dialog or the buttons on the dialog.

    Here I declare the contents of the dialog:

     let dialogContent = {
          title: 'Default Settings',
          form: {
            header1: {
              type: 'heading',
              label: 'Sort courses by: '
            option: {
              type: 'radio',
              model: 'opt1',
              items: [
                {label: 'Course', value: 'opt1'},
                {label: 'Section', value: 'opt2'}
            header2: {
              type: 'heading',
              label: 'Select the default number of rows in tables: '
            slider: {
              type: 'slider',
              label: 'Default rows displayed',
              min: 5,
              max: 15,
              step: 5,
              withLabel: true,
              model: 5,
              color: 'primary'
          buttons: [
              label: 'Save',
              handler (data) {
                  html: 'Defaults Updated',
                  color: 'white',
                  bgColor: 'grey'

    and here I create the dialog:

     const dialog = Dialog.create(

  • Having the same issue, I did a temporary fix by adding a close button and hiding and showing again with jquery.

  • Hi @wesleysmith1 I have the same issue, I already spoked to Razvan about that, it should be fixed in v0.15.

    Note: You can close Dialog/Modal by clicking back button in your browser.

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