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  • I started working on modifying the webpack files generated by Quasar CLI to get the same workflow as described in this great article:
    If Quasar CLI had a “node” or “express” option to generate a webpack configuration for a minimal NodeJS server backend workflow, then Quasar wouldn’t just be an amazing front-end framework, but would instantly become a killer framework providing simplicity everyone is looking for in the Node community.

    I just realized that letting the Quasar author(s) do this would be much better as the code it evolving so fast with Vue 2 and soon Webpack 2…

    What are your thoughts about this?

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    I’m not sure I follow. Are you referring to (quote from indicated link) Every push we do to the prototype automatically goes to the cloud as production code and can be tested by project owners, testers and colleagues. ?

    I’m a little confused on what exactly can be improved. Can you provide specifics please?


  • Well, I was talking about the development phase. Everything before the " continuous deployment" section of the article.
    To make things short: you can develop both your js frontend and your js backend with this webpack setup (preprocessors and hot reloads on front-end AND back-end)

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    This can be done, but I think it should be up to each developer. There are tons of ways and technologies for the backend. Doing one of them would upset the others… Don’t want to enforce only a way of doing the backend.

    Guess we could make a starter kit for each backend technology, but it’s currently not in the high priority list.

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    Currently you can proxy your backend API. It’s anyway a good idea to keep fronend and backend repos separate otherwise you get a messy repo fast.

  • I understand. No worries. Focusing on the front-end is a wise choice 👍

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