QButton inside QToolbar with css class "*-button" conflicted with FAB

  • Hi,
    I use Quasar 0.14.7.

    In my main layout app, I use QLayout with FAB positioned by class fixed-bottom.
    In the same main layout, my vue-router showing a QModal which has QToolbar + QButton positioned by CSS class absolute-bottom.
    All QButton cannot be click even if it’s not overlap with the floating FAB.

    More experiment show that if any actionable type element position under FAB also effected. For example, I create a page filled entirely with empty QInputs. The only QInput position under fab won’t be focusable by mouse click. It can be focused by using tab key thought.

    If I wrap my FAB inside QFixedPosition and specify corner=“bottom-right” with style=“left: 50%” and :offset="[-50, 0]" then I’ll also get my FAB at middle bottom screen. Now the QInput can take focus if I click on QInput on left hand side of FAB but it won’t take focus if I click the same QInput on right hand side of FAB.

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