[Solved] Quasar drawer and a way to show that there's hiding drawer ?

  • Hi
    I use Quasar 0.14.7.
    I don’t like to put some button on header/footer to let user click and show drawer.

    I’m trying to figure out how to put some kind of icon flat and thin icon on left/right side of screen and when user click or drag over that icon, it’d show the drawer.
    Is this possible ?

  • Maybe q-fixed-position can help you?

  • Thanks for suggestion but I’ve got two more questions regarding to using q-fixed-position for this.

    How can I put a button at center left/right of the screen for left/right drawer ?
    I see only corner attribute.

    How can I drag the button and got drawer slide out while having the button attached to drawer’s edge ?

  • V0.15 due mid january ditches q-fixed-position in favor of qpage-sticky, this can be positioned in any corner or center left, center right, center top, center bottom. I beleive quasar already implements dragging the drawer out from the edge, you could just place your button there and call it a day.

  • Thanks ! That’s a relieve.

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