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    Hi All,

    We wish you “Happy Holidays” and a “Happy New Year”!

    v0.15 is scheduled to be released mid-January the latest. As with all releases so far, this one must be flawless too, which is why it takes a little bit more time than anticipated. This release is the last before v1.0 and its API will finally be close to v1.0 (currently at 90%). The developer experience is taken to new heights with the help of a completely new starter kit.

    Some v0.15 highlights:

    • New buttons and button types that can take up any size you want (no longer only “small”, “default” and “big”): QBtnDropdown, QBtnToggle, QButtonGroup, QBtnToggleGroup

    • Brand new QTable (replacing QDataTable). Fully customisable: the headers, the rows themselves, the cells, all these through Vue scoped slots. Baked in support for server-side data (no longer required to retrieve all table data at once). Plus many many many other enhancements.

    • I18n for Quasar components, easily configurable and tweakable

    • Ability to choose only one icon set (easily configurable and tweakable too) to use in your apps/websites from Material, MDI, Fontawesome, Ionicons. You can even make your own set of icons that Quasar components will use. You will no longer be required to use Material icon set as a base to start with.

    • Brand new QTree. Again, much more customisable through scoped slots, with lots of new features like multiple types of selection just to name the tip of the iceberg.

    • QBreadcrumbs component

    • Tweaked QAlert. New notification system: Notify (which is a merge between Toast and Alert from v0.14, with nice animations and position customisable: top, top-right, right, bottom-right, bottom, bottom-left, left, top-left, center)

    • Brand new QCarousel with many features and totally customizable

    • Indeterminate state for QCheckbox

    • Totally customisable QCollapsible (with new features like “Popout” style)

    • Dialogs will be able to be defined by the new QDialog component in your templates too (for total customization).

    • QEditor (WYSIWYG component) – with fully customisable toolbar (arrange buttons however you want: standalone in a QBtnGroup, or in a dropdown, plus many other features)

    • Brand new QLayout (80% of the API is the same). Much more efficient performance-wise, with even more features, like drawers being able to behave like overlays (on top of the page) on wide screens too. But the biggest enhancement is that header/footer and drawers can be defined anywhere in your templates (they are not bound to be direct children of the layout itself by using the layout slots). What this means is that you can define a header/footer/drawer inside your page template, allowing you to easily change it when switching pages. Vuex no longer required for this specific part.

    • Brand new QPagination component with two types: with an input or with buttons. You’ll love it.

    Some of the new starter kit highlights:

    • Lighter, much more beginner friendly.

    • Truly one repository to rule responsite websites, PWAs, mobile apps and Electron apps. No more wrappers, no more multiple starter kits.

    • Imagine HMR (Hot Module Reload) directly on your phone while developing your mobile app, without the need of tools like Quasar Play app.

    • Deep Electron integration by default. Install and use whatever Electron package you wish without the need of tweaking the starter kit.

    • Dynamic Webpack configuration while developing, without the need to restart the dev server. Add this to a quasar.conf.js file (like Nuxtjs) which makes configuring your Quasar app/website seem like a breeze.

    • Easily upgrade to a new Quasar version. You’ll no longer be required to spawn the starter kit again (for its new version) and port your changes!

    v0.15 is a huge step-up over the already solid v0.14 version. All components have been polished design-wise.

    Please consider supporting us to speed up development. Every cent really counts. Even a $1 donation is appreciated! https://www.patreon.com/quasarframework or I can issue an invoice if your company needs one.

    Thank you,
    -Razvan Stoenescu

  • Amazing. That’s a huge amount of work, bravo Razvan!
    2018 looks very promising for Quasar. Happy Holidays too!

  • Thank you

  • Thank you. Great summary.

  • Amazing!

  • did my little on patreon! Thanks for your work!

  • Can’t wait! I didn’t see any update on using keys (like down arrow) to open a QSelect that has focus. Any update there?

  • *High five!

  • thank you

  • Glorious!

  • I can’t wait! A lot of issues that we’ve stumbled against that are addressed in v0.15 🙂 It’s gonna be glorious!

  • Fantastic work Raz! Best framework ever!

  • I have registered just to congratulate the author and the great job he is doing 🙂

  • Great news Razvan!

  • Thank you!

  • Amazing~!

  • Awesome! Can we start looking at what needs to be done to upgrade now, or should we wait?

  • @smakinson You can, provided you are confortable reading source as there are no docs yet. You can get it running by following these instructions

  • amazing…can’t wait

  • Niceeee 🙂 Thank you so much for all the effort and hard work. Keep it up! 🙂

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