How to Hot-swappable plugins for quasar spa app?

  • project is a cms developing by quasar && php(symfony framework).the php provide api,and quasar be the client,so the app has a spa client admin panel ,a ssr client frontend,and a php service api.
    now I want to my app like wordpress,joomla and anyother can download the plugin,install the plugin and autoload the plugin.its means Hot-swappable.php service api I has solved this by symfony’s bundle feature.but how to solve the client(frontend && admin panel)'s plugin feature that ssr and spa can autoload the plugins,which has been compiled by webpack.I has packaged plugin to be a module by webpack option library.but it not a good solution and ssr is not work.

    has any better solution to solve this problem?or I must give up the client-server model or give up plugin model?

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