Dialog confirmation triggers 'back' on ios

  • Can anyone help me understand why this dialog works fine on Android, but not on IOS? On android hitting OK closes the dialog, but on the latest iPhone hitting OK makes the browser go back a page. Not using Cordova.

    Basically just trying to have a pop up that asks for a submitter’s name in an input and a cycle selection from a dropdown select. (then clearing it so it doesn’t clutter interface after it has been set once)

    title: ‘Setup’,
    form: {
    submitter: {
    type: ‘text’,
    label: ‘Submitter’
    cycle: {
    type: ‘radio’,
    label: ‘Count Cycle’,
    items: vm.selectCycleOptions
    buttons: [
    label: ‘Ok’,
    handler (data) {
    // Toast.create('Returned ’ + JSON.stringify(data))
    vm.cycle = data.cycle
    vm.submitter = data.submitter

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