Disabled Input fields are not actually disabled

  • I have a bunch of Input fields in a Modal form, all with v-bind:class="{ disabled: true }". They “appear” to be disabled, but you can still, click, edit text and values etc.

    I’m using 0.14.7. Is anyone else getting this problem? Here are some samples:

              <!-- IS FOR SALE -->
                label="For Sale?"
                v-bind:class="{ disabled: isForSaleDisabled }"
              <!-- IS GIVEAWAY -->
                label="This is a Give Away"
                v-bind:class="{ disabled: isGiveAwayDisabled }"

    and a screenclip shows that they are greyed out… but I can still edit in all the controls. Is this a known bug, or am I just being an idiot again?


  • here is the thing: this is not supposed to work.

    you should be using the “disable” prop, not the “disabled” class

    <q-input :disable="true">

  • line 43 here

  • duh! Facepalm. Thanks Benoit!