Quasar without VueJS

  • Hi there,

    I simply love what I’ve seen so far!! Problem is I have a very tight deadline and have never worked with VueJS before, and don’t have the time to learn it right now - even though I know I will have to in the coming months.

    Will I be able to use components such as form controls, and headers without using VueJS? How would I do that? Where can I link to the CSS and JS for the UI part of the framework? Or does it use VueJS for everything, even the toolbars that center-align text for iOS, and the radio buttons/checkboxes etc…?

    Please help. I’m in dire straits here and simply have to use this framework if at all possible without VueJS.


  • Hey @delanick

    Short answer: No. You can’t use Quasar without Vue. You can’t just paste a snippet the way you would, with say, JQuery

    Longer answer: Go for it! Vue is intuitive, unlike angular, you’ll learn the basics in no time. Quasar and Vue are well documented.
    You must base your project on the quasar template. I know the quasar template is intimidating, remember you can mostly ignore everything outside the src folder

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