Is it possible to add other Quasar components like a QPopOver to a QTree node?

  • Hi,

    Is it possible? I tried adding the HTML for it to the ‘title:’ property, but it is not recognised by Vue, because it’s not part of the render process, I suspect.
    I’ve also tried breaking out of the <span>, but that doesn’t work either.

    I need to add actions to a node in the tree.


  • QTree is undergoing full rewrite for v0.15 due out this month. Will introduce new capabilities, unsure about the details

  • @benoitranque For Christmas? ahah… 🙂

  • @benoitranque Thanks Benoit, really looking forward to it! Thanks again to @rstoenescu and team for Quasar, it rocks!

  • By the way if you want to check it out, clone que quasarframework/quasar repo, install dependencies, and run quasar dev. I checked it out last night and it is looking great, much better!

  • @benoitranque I just did that, thanks! I can see HUGE additions to the code for QTree, I can’t wait to get it up and running.

    However, I can’t get quasar dev working, it starts, and then almost immediately returns, with no message or error message at all.

    I had this kind of problem once before, when the default port 8080 was in use. I tried changing the port to an unused port (3004 or 3005) in dev/build/, but it still doesn’t work. Literally, this is the output on my cmd line:

    C:\xampp\htdocs\quasar>quasar dev

  • Habe you tried switching to the dev folder withing the repo clone, and running from there?

  • @benoitranque Yes, I just tried that. Same result. Sorry, It took a while, we had a power failure here due to lightning and hail. Is there any way to get some sort of error message? I could work from that.

  • I’m sorry but this is not an usual problem so your guess i as good as mine.
    If you have issues with the port being already occupied (this should give you an error message saying exactly that) check for any running node processes in task manager.

    Can’t help but notice you have it within xampp folder, could that have anything to do with it?

    Quasar v0.15 will be out this month, so you could just be patient and wait for release.

    If you want a sneak peek her is what I did:

    git clone
    cd quasar
    npm install
    quasar dev

    this should show you the dev version of quasar v0.15
    Lots of new goodies!

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