Checkbox eraseing value selected on q-data-table

  • Hey you … when i select a checkbox in a list and after press forward ou back in pagination from datatables, the value that i selected is erased. i think is a problem whith q-data-table … what do you think?

  • Can you provide an example? It’s likely the model /state is not being persisted on the refresh.

  • sure, im using q-data-table …
    i have a list of things in my dataTable.
    in my page 1 i select one checkbox
    i go to my page 2 and then i decide to go back to page 1 and the checkbox that i selected in page 1 its not selected anymore.

    in q-data-table config i use selection: ‘multiple’ to select multiple checkbox …

  • Datatable is working as intended, you cannot maintain selection across multiple pages.

  • @benoitranque as intended? maybe i didnt explained so well.
    i have a big list paginated in my datatable… if i choose an item from page one and another from page 2 it means i want two itens and not olnly one. i need to solve this problem with checkbox from q-data-table

  • I understand. As I said, this is expected behavior and not a bug. Datatable with back end data is coming in v0.15 which will be out this month. Hopefully this will give us more option on this front.

  • hmmmmmmmm thanks friend. so … im waiting for.

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