QSideLink not working

  • Hello.vue file in a quasar-cli generated application has the following comment for left drawer:
    Use <q-side-link> component
    instead of <q-item> for
    internal vue-router navigation
    But, q-side-link is not working for me. I placed the following in the q-list:
    <q-side-link item to="/all">
    <q-item-main label=“All” />
    and imported QSideLink in script section.

    Then I get a lint warning that ‘‘QSideLink’ is defined but never used’ and the loaded html page in browser continue to have q-side-link in it, and is not replaced by a div.

    There are no search results in Quasar github repository for QSideLink or q-side-link.
    The documentation page is this: http://quasar-framework.org/components/layout-side-links.html

    Please help.

  • Remember you must import and register components

    import {
    } from quasar
    export default {
      components: {

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