Giving a meetup talk

  • Hi all,

    I organize a Vue.js meetup group in Vienna, Austria, and plan to give a talk at one of the upcoming meetups. Maybe already as early as next week.

    Rough outline:

    • What is Quasar
    • Quasar vs Nuxt.js (not sure if I’ll include this)
    • Why use Quasar
      • CLI tool
      • Theming
      • Prebuilt components
      • Helpers and utilities
    • Demo time
      • Use Quasar CLI to create a material app
      • Customize default page by using some quasar components (for example a card with title, body and buttons)

    Would love some input on things to include in the talk, and/or pointers to any resources I might benefit from (graphical elements to use in slides, slides from past talks, showcase projects, etc).

    All feedback is greatly welcome. And the talk will be recorded, so can share it with you once it’s uploaded.


    EDIT: Some changes in phrasing and added talk outline.

  • Take a look here for the art

  • @benoitranque said in Giving a meetup talk:

    Take a look here for the art

    Great, thanks! (Edited the OP somewhat and added rough talk outline.)

  • About quasar vs nuxt: different things, not opposites. We actually have thought about a collaboration on certain things
    Thinking about implementing SSR in quasar by collaborating with nuxt

  • Admin

    @robeerob Nice!!! Feel free to contact me on Gitter if you have any questions. Please do share the recording.

  • Awesome!

  • @benoitranque Hi! I’m new here. I decided to go with Vue and Quasar for my next project. Both are new technologies for me. I seems to me that Nuxt can help getting up and running quicker with Vue; if that’s the case (?) what’s the best process to use both Nuxt and Quasar? For example should I start with a Nuxt app and add Quasar to it (or vice-versa)? OR you would recommend another way? OR should I not bother with Nuxt and learn to use Vue and Quasar? OR something else?
    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi frank. I would recommend focusing on vue/quasar for now. SSR (ie nuxt) is one of the features planned very soon for quasar, so by the time you learn quasar, it will have SSR (Server Side Rendering) capabilities. Cheers!

  • @benoitranque, “collaborating with nuxt” is just what i’m looking for.

    Any idea when it will be reality?

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