How to compile my own version of Quasar Framework?

  • I wanted to modify the q-select component for learning and testing purposes. I did not want to create a custom component. I expected the components to be in a folder on the node_modules.
    I tried install my own version of Quasar through a fork here on GitHub (npm install when compiling says that the quasar package is missing.
    I want to use my own compiled version. I’ve tried this:

    git clone - OK
    npm install - OK
    npm run dev - OK

    How do I use this compiled version integrated with Quasar CLI?

    I honestly did not find any tutorials within the documentation for this.

  • WARNING - highly experimental and you’re pretty much on your own doing this 🙂

    If you’re using the dev branch of QuasarFramework, keep in mind it is unstable and it can change any time.

    The steps to compile are:

    You can then use this self compiled one in your own application by replacing the content of the node_modules/quasar-framework/dist folder.

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