Scroll Area 'delay' Property Not Working

  • I’m testing the Scroll Area example from the docs, but it seems the ‘delay’ property is not working correctly.

        <q-scroll-area style="width: 400px; height: 300px;"
            right: '4px',
            borderRadius: '5px',
            background: 'lime',
            width: '10px',
            opacity: 1
          <div v-for="n in 10" class="layout-padding">
            Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Eveniet, necessitatibus.
            <br />

    The result I’m getting is that the scroll-bar appears immediately when the page loads, then disappears after a few seconds. When I hover over the scroll area, it appears immediately, and then disappears after only 1 second upon mouse-leave.

    No errors in console.

    Any help with using the delay property is greatly appreciated.

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