q-collapsible with q-side-link MS Edge issue?

  • Hey All,

    Just curious have any of you run into an issue or seen it brought up where with MS Edge not showing the contents of q-collapsible when filled with q-side-links? Chrome, FF, IE all work just fine, if I try it with MS Edge it expands but its just empty until I roll over the area with my mouse. I pulled up the inspector and everything appears correct, even when I roll over the piece of code in there it updates the screen and shows correctly. If I remove the q-side-links and lets say just enter some text it shows/works correctly. The other weird piece is the buttons will flash super quick but then hide, if I click the q-collapsible again the buttons appear as it collapses.

    Heres the code I’m using for easy testing if anyone wants to see if they see the same thing. I did try taking the for loop out and just creating for side links and did the same thing.

    <q-collapsible icon="ion-ios-paper-outline" label="Test">
            v-for="item in testArr"
                <q-item-side><q-icon :name="item.icon" /></q-item-side>
                <q-item-main :label="item.title" class="font-90" />

    If I find anything in the mean time I’ll make sure to follow up!

  • 0_1511406204396_icons.png

    90% of the time below test it will show just a blank area. It does occasionally though show icons with no text. Sometimes it will show 1 button or even just half a button but none of the others.

  • Hey there, I also have a <q-collapsibe> which contains <q-side-link>'s, but I have never had this issue. Have you already uncommented the imports in the main.js file for IE11 and Edge support?

  • @silentcoast have you enabled ie11 support in quasar? as eleina mentioned

  • @eleina @Max yes I have these two lines un-commented


    This is really odd! I tried on a couple different computers just to make sure it wasn’t something with this one and it did the same thing. I’ll start a new/blank project tonight and see if its a different package causing it.