q-uploader - how to reset file upload after successful upload

  • My file upload has been uploaded successfully it’s ok. But when i click form close button then it close perfectly but no empty/reset q-uploader. When i again click on the add button then showing before image in q-uplader.
    I need reset file upload after successful upload.
    Please Help Me

  • Need this feature also, a reset component method, or any way to clear the list programmatically without clicking on the check icons manually.

  • Need this feature as well. There is the @finish() event and methods called reset() / removeUploadedFiles(). How can I call this methods from @finish()?

  • I found a solution:

    Add ref and @finish to QUploader:

        label="Add new picture"
        accept=".jpg, .png, .gif, image/*"

    Reset QUploader:

    finished () {

  • Hello every one I’m new here. I’m using q-uploader to upload images.
    but i would like to trigge the pickFiles method when the user click on a button but not on the uploader + button.
    I use this

    but I get an error

    Error in v-on handler: “TypeError: this.$refs.uploader is undefined”

    Help please.

  • I solved the problem
    The problem was the q-uploader was not visible. the v-if was false

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