quasar on top of vue feathers primus nedb stack

  • For an app I’m working on I am using feathers with sockets (primus) and http rest and nedb as the persistent store. The new feathers cli generates a nice starter for that.

    I supposed I could just make a client folder and then generate a quasar app in there. That would give me two separate apps and builds with quasar front end being a separate build.

    I found this repo I can use as a “starter” https://github.com/kieusonlam/vue-feathers-wepack. It has as client folder that contains all the vue code but merges the webpack configs into a single build folder with a single package.json and npm scripts

    Just looking for some advice on how to get a quasar starter (client side) integrated into a feathers backend, either into this repo I found above or something from scratch (merging webpack builds/ npm scripts?)

    Anyone have suggestions or some insight from a similar starter they have done.

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    @dgk Hi, sorry for the late reply. It’s difficult to give a straightforward response. Having backend and frontend in same starter kit is not a focus for Quasar, as Quasar is pure frontend. What I’d suggest is merging the two starter kits, although it will be extremely hard since. Furthermore they use Webpack1 and we switched to Webpack 2… This will require a lot of thought.

  • Some update on this that might be usefull : https://github.com/claustres/quasar-feathers-tutorial

  • YES @luc-claustres that was SUPER useful. Anyone reading this thread just head to the link. I’ve already got the quasar frontend and feathers backend running and have started coding. Love the open source community. Just wait a months and likely your requests will be answered

  • @luc-claustres your repos are awesome! The only thing I miss to have the full story is the use of vuex and feathers-vuex 🙂

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