side menu

  • just found this framework and downloaded it off git. is the side menu in the demo part of it? as i very much like it but i could not find sperate vue files for it in the downloaded src folder.

  • Did you start a new project using the CLI? If so, the src folder does NOT contain quasar components, rather it is where your project files go. To access quasar components, import them as per the instructions here

    Example import:

        <q-btn @click="doSomething">Do something</q-btn>
        <q-icon name="alarm" />
    import { QBtn, QIcon } from 'quasar'
    export default {
      components: {

    As for the menu you refer to: I suppose you mean the menu in the quasar demo. That menu is made of multiple quasar components, layout, list, item, sidelink.

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