Problem importing Firebase (export 'default' was not found in 'firebase')

  • Hi,
    Using a fresh PWA starter kit, I install Firebase following this tutorial.

    It used to work with previous projects (2 weeks ago), but now 'import Firebase from ‘firebase’ returns an error : export ‘default’ (imported as ‘Firebase’) was not found in 'firebase’.

    I tried the same code inside a fresh vue-webpack-boilerplate and no bugs, it works. So I’m thinking maybe a conflict with another component inside the Quasar starter kit?

  • Hi, I don’t use the PWA starter, but I did have some issues myself importing firebase into Quasar when I started. I can’t say I know the best way to do this, but I currently use the following, and it works for me:

    import firebase from 'firebase/app';
    import "firebase/auth";
    import "firebase/firestore";
    import "firebase/storage";
    const config = { stuff };
    const auth = firebase.auth();
    const firestore = firebase.firestore();
    const storage =;
    export {firebase, auth, firestore, storage};

    And, then I import the pieces I need like this:

    import { firebase, auth, firestore, storage } from './firebase.js';

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