Local build not work

  • @s.molinari
    Sorry for misunderstanding, I know what cygwin is, but what is relation with npm and node?
    Is it a prerequisite of those?
    Because I use gnuwin32 for some other things and probably it clashes.

  • I have no idea, but are you on a 32bit machine?


  • @s.molinari
    No, 64bit

  • Hmm…wouldn’t you want to use gnuwin64 then? Not sure that would make any difference, but it just might considering Node is working with 64 bits.


  • Admin

    Seems like Stylus breaks. It may be due to the @imports within Stylus files. @fsgiudice do you have some time to make some experiments?

    1. Search *.styl files and change imports that start with ‘./’ by removing this string.
      and second test:
    2. Replace in all styl file imports ‘/’ to ‘’… maybe the path separator is an issue in Stylus on Windows10 ?

  • @rstoenescu
    changing to

    @import 'src/themes/quasar.core.variables'
    @import 'src/components/*/*.mat'
    @import 'src/css-components/*/*.mat'
    @import 'src/vue-components/*/*.mat'
    @import 'src/themes/quasar.core.definitions'

    and other files

            modified:   build/script.build.stylus.js
            modified:   src/themes/quasar.core.definitions.styl
            modified:   src/themes/quasar.core.variables.styl
            modified:   src/themes/quasar.ios.styl
            modified:   src/themes/quasar.mat.styl

    now npm run build works.
    But now I get error on npm run dev
    So it is definitively a path problem on build script files.
    I’m checking if I can find the error.


  • Update:
    no result playing with paths. As written before latter case works in build mode, former in dev mode.

  • Admin

    @fsgiudice Will see what I can do. Won’t be able to take care of this too soon though. Simply ignore the build step if you are writing code for Quasar. Just “npm run dev” and add pages to the ‘/dev’ that use the features you are working on.

  • @rstoenescu
    Hi, I already did so.
    But with build I can use my fork like quasar-edge in package.json in my test apps.
    The other way I tried was to add new components directly to my project, but there were collisions with some paths.
    Now I will try using quasar-edge and adding components to apps.
    I hope I was clear.
    Anyway thank you for your time.

  • Admin

    @fsgiudice if you write components for Quasar you already have a playground app working there (/dev folder, which is run on npm run dev and compiles Quasar on the fly). Add a page for each new component and test it out there. No need to compile and then use in another repo.

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