Datable rowHeight doesnt change the Height of the radio button column

  • Hi
    I have a data table with single select and rowheight of 30px; all the columns except radio button column takes that height, if i change back to 50px it looks well again; i want to know how to fix it, is there any property for radio buttons column height?

    here is my data table config:

    rowHeight: ‘30px’,
    title: ‘Catálogo de Perfiles’,
    noHeader: false,
    refresh: false,
    columnPicker: true,
    leftStickyColumns: 0,
    rightStickyColumns: 0,
    pagination: {
    rowsPerPage: 10,
    options: [5, 10, 15, 30, 50, 500]
    selection: ‘single’,
    bodyStyle: {
    maxHeight: ‘500px’,
    minHeight: ‘300px’
    messages: {
    noData: ‘<i>warning</i> No data available to show.’,
    noDataAfterFiltering: ‘<i>warning</i> No results. Please refine your search terms.’
    labels: {
    columns: ‘Columnas’,
    allCols: ‘Todas las Columnas’,
    rows: ‘Filas’,
    selected: {
    singular: ‘Fila Seleccionada.’,
    plural: ‘Filas Seleccionadas.’
    clear: ‘Limpiar’,
    search: ‘Buscar’,
    all: ‘Todos’


  • Admin

    Hi, v0.15 has a revamp of the DataTable. Although I could not reproduce it, this will no longer be an eventual issue in v0.15. Thanks for your patience until the new version comes along. I’m currently working inhuman hours for the new version so investigating what is already obsolete would further slow me down. Sorry for this.

  • ok, thanks

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