Give support to Quasar - share Patreon link on social media

  • Guys,
    if you can - support Quasar on Patreon,
    if you can’t (and also if you support on Patreon) - SHARE on social media - Twitter, Facebook, groups, forums etc.

    Razvan is making great job and if he could more support from Quasar users and hopefully some big guys, Quasar can become even better!

    Quasar needs your support!

  • Admin

    Can’t stress enough how important this is…

  • I would strongly recommend to post on Patreon page.
    At least every release note!
    It will make people able to see how much work you do!

  • If you share the links here we can easily re-share 🙂

  • @jondiscipulo I am sharing it time to time on Twitter since few months.

  • Admin

    @mariaczi thank you!

  • @rstoenescu We plan to use your great Quasar Framework at my startup and I’d like to support the development with some regular donations. Is there any other way to support you that via patreon ? With patreon 23% of each donation will be just lost because of their unfortunate VAT policy which makes VAT nondeductible for UE company.

  • Admin

    @longin thank you very much! Please contact me on Gitter or by email. There is a better alternative.

  • @rstoenescu if it is possible I would like to know which one is a better alternative. Thanks.

  • Admin

    @jesus Patreon. If you need an invoice, just contact me for a third option. Thank you so much and take a look at what v0.14 will offer (first link in Anouncements).

  • Just a thought, but how would the project and community feel about another source of funding, which would be bounties placed on certain feature requests or releases? People would pledge amounts, then maybe the funds would be split between the project and the developer who implemented the feature? Do you think this paradigm would be more effective at getting more users engaged in supporting the project?

  • Admin

    @jmellicker Might work. Will follow this path too soon. Thanks!

  • @jmellicker I could see that working. I think that it would not only help to give @rstoenescu additional income for working so tirelessly on this project, but also incentivise the community to help with development.

  • @rstoenescu I’ve been mocking up a frontend for a client and have definitedly decided on Quasar/Vue especially since @luc-claustres put together a tutorial of how to connect Qusar/Vue with a Feathers based backend api.

    So…I was considering having my client (my brother) do a monthly contribution to Patreon while I work on his code.

    Just wondering what your financial/time situatioin now is? I see you have about $500 a month coming from Patreon which isn’t enough for you to work on this project full time. So how much attention is $500 buying?

    In particular is it enough for you to release the current “beta”. I just switched over to the beta and I much prefer it. It seems to be stable and mature. I know the beta has been around for awhile so wondering why you don’t release it as 1.0. Compared to many npm packages the beta seems very mature and really deserves a formal 1.0 release. It would be also easier to talk my client into substantially supporting Quasar if it wasn’t a “beta”. I know you are working on it at least monthly based on recent commits and it’s very much an active project. Still a 1.0 would make me feel more comfortable about commiting, ha ha, my project into the hands of Quasar.

    @rstoenescu thx for all your time and effort. This project is making my project possible and does really deserve to be fully funded/backed. If not via Patreon then by other means.

  • Admin

    @dgk Hi, Can you contact me on Gitter pls? I can issue invoices if you need, and it’s really the best option for me too.

    The reason the beta is not yet an official release is that I’ve taken a one month vacation (returned today after an unfortunate event in my family last week) after working more than 2 years daily. v0.14 will be official in a few days.

  • wow…! waiting to official release …

  • @rstoenescu Just came across this. Several of the most popular projects are there including vuejs
    you might want to add quasar and with 4.7K stars you are a project they want.
    Personally I’d much rather give my financial credentials once and then support various projects. Although pateron does that this is more geared toward open source community.

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