Quasar v0.14.7 is out!

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    Please upgrade to v0.14.7. Release notes:


    • Custom configuration of Loading #1015
    • Allow between as a value of align prop in QCardActions #1026
    • [Request] QSelect - clearable prop #1018
    • Remove ripple effect from inverted form components #1030
    • [Request] QInput: add properties autocompletetype, autocapitalize, autocorrect, spellcheck (Ability to add ANY dom properties) #935
    • [Request] Scroll to DOM element util #996
    • CSS Helper Positioning Class - .absolute-center and .fixed-center #987
    • Add date suffix (1st, 2nd, 3rd) token to formatDate() #819


    • [bug] -webkit-transform causes intermittent screen flash #1009
    • QRouteTab - Remove Active Flag when on other Route #1011
    • [Vue warn]: Injection “__inputParent” not found (QAutocomplete) #1021
    • [Bug] Alert ignoring initial v-model value. #1019
    • QInput - do not display clear button when disabled or readonly #1025
    • QUploader should not upload file when :disable=“true” #1059
    • Failed to execute ‘getComputedStyle’ on ‘Window’ in QTabs #1063

    Thanks to all contributors!

  • Would love to upgrade, however, there is a running issue with Meteor . I wish someone cloud help with that. I would volenteer to work on it but I must admit I’m new to Vue and wouldn’t know where to start.

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks! The addition of absolute-center/fixed-center was handy – implemented it straight away in a couple of places.

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