q-layout slot "left", display wrong when using RTL

  • Please Help,

    When using RTL support -
    can’t use Q-Layout Menu 😞

    When left menu is not visible, part of it, still stay visible.

    I found the reason:
    aside tag, have inner style: transform: translateX(-100%);
    If I change it to -120%, it fix the problem, but after toggleLeft action, it return back to -100%.

    I added:
    mounted () {
    this.$refs.leftMenu.parentNode.style[‘transform’] = ‘translateX(-120%)’

    This is good, but when doing toggle action, it is return back to -100%
    There is no toggle action event that I can listen to change again translateX back to -120%

    This is a bug of RTL support, any solution for now? Thanks!


  • Can anyone from support answer?
    Please help!
    Thank you/

  • On Starter Kit -
    when menu is hidden:
    when menu is visible

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