Action sheet slow during dismiss. Android.

  • Hi,
    i m trying to make an action sheet as well.

            title: 'Title!',
            gallery: gallery,
            actions: [
                label: 'Delete',
                icon: 'delete'
                label: 'Share',
                icon: 'share'
                label: 'Play',
                icon: 'gamepad'
                label: 'Favorite',
                icon: 'favorite'
            dismiss: {
              label: 'Cancel',
              handler () {

    Everything works nicely but when i try to dismiss it the animation works so slowly. I mean no slow to close but is like a cant see every frame of animation; in fact i see the page behind it action sheet (it blinks).
    Action sheet loading works so nice.

    I am using it on android.

    Thanks in advance.

  • i have the same problem~ @cklinx do u fix it?

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