How to edit the multiple selected options in <q-select>, while selected option displayed is from the backend data?

  • I want to edit the particular row in the data table. On click of any row, a modal ( <q-modal> ) will appear inside which a q-select element is there, which shows the multiple pre-selected values with respect to the backend data. I am able to show the previously selected items in the q-select , but not able to edit it. If I try to select other option in q-select then an error is shown:

    Uncaught TypeError: model.push is not a function

    my Template:
    <q-select multiple inverted color="dark" stack-label="Roles" separator v-model="multipleSelect" v-bind:options="options1" />
    Please guide me to proceed further.

  • Darshan, were you able to solve this problem ?

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