Adding Quasar to vuejs existing project

  • I saw this thread which has the same question, but the admins responded that for now it would be difficult to add Quasar to an existing project

    This is a feature request for making the framework easily addable and removable from an existing project. My use case is that I have an existing app with lots of complex tooling set-up already (storybook, vue, webpack, custom scripts and external dependencies…) and the only reason I need quasar now is to add material & ios styled components. If I set out to migrate my app to the quasar default template it will take me a good half-a-day of gruntwork and then if I make additions to my app and decide to chuck out Quasar because it didn’t fit my needs, migrating back will take equal amount of work.

    Could all the quasar’s offerings (components, cli, and play app/hot reload) be offered as incrementally addable packages?

  • Admin

    Quasar UMD version is going to be available for v0.15, so “yes”. But the CLI, play app and hot reload are part of the starter kit (and some of these are webpack features, namely hot reload). If you have already a build system in place you’ll have to manually make this work.

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