directive not working

  • Hi,

    I have created my own vue component with the following name:

    export default {
        name: 'gt-tb-back',

    and using it like this

    import { GTToolbarBack } from '../../components/toolbar'
    import {
    } from 'quasar'
    export default {
        components: {
            'gt-tb-back': GTToolbarBack

    If I do not add the directive in front of GTToolbarBack when registering the component, I cannot use it in my template (unknown custom element error). What do I have to do to make it work so that the directive is correctly registered and I do not have to specify the name ? (just like the QBtn component for example)
    I have looked in the Quasar code and I cannot find what I am doing wrong or different…


  • Found it …

    I have to register the components first

    Vue.component('gt-tb-back', GTToolbarBack)

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