Build project with 0.9.1 seems to lose theme

  • In previous version, my themed builds seemed to work properly, but with the new version of quasar, after clicking in a link, it goes back to default theme (blue).

    I’ve searched in the docs, but with no luck so far.

    The only thing different from default scripts are my app.variables.styl:

    $white_smoke = #F9F8F8
    $dawn_pink   = #E6D7CB
    $fantasy     = #EEE4DC
    $stark_white = #D6C4B4
    $gun_powder  = #4D4D5B
    $prim        = #D6D2D3
    $simple_red  = #F54B5D
    $primary   = $gun_powder
    $secondary = $simple_red
    $tertiary  = $prim
    $neutral   = #E0E1E2
    $positive  = #21BA45
    $negative  = #DB2828
    $info      = #31CCEC
    $warning   = #F2C037
    $light     = #f4f4f4
    $dark      = #333
    $faded     = #777
    $text-color          = lighten(black, 17%)
    $background-color    = $white_smoke
    $link-color          = lighten($primary, 25%)
    $link-color-active   = $primary

    So, first page seems ok. Clicking to route new page, them falls back to blue.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Admin

    Any repo I can take a look at? There must be some miusage. What you are describing hasn’t changed at all in latest Quasar. If you’ve switched to Webpack 2 setup then it means you must’ve slipped something.

  • Yes. My bad. Have been debuging for a while but it was just now that I’ve found the misuse:

    in my component <style> I’ve imported app.variables AFTER app.mat.styl (to use some of the variables, of course).

    So this was where I banged my head over and over: in ‘quasar dev’ there where no issues, but when ‘quasar build’ and then ‘quasar serv’ (or apk with cordova), this was a deal breaker.

    Anyways, sorry for the dumb topic 🐼

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