@tof06 Finally! After looking over your example for the 1000th time I finally made some changes with your code that allowed me to achieve what I wanted. Since I couldn’t make the v-for in the q-options-group, I made the v-model the model at the index of the outer v-for loop index. I also implemented your array structure for the q-option-group. Like so:

<div class="q-pa-md q-mb-md" v-for="(reviewQuestion, index) in reviewQuestions" :key="reviewQuestion.question.QuestionId"> <q-option-group :options="reviewData[index].options" type="radio" v-model="reviewData[index].selected" disable /> </div> export default { name: 'QuizResults', data () { return { reviewData: [ { id: 'group0', options: [], selected: null }, { id: 'group1', options: [], selected: null } ] }

Thanks for much for your help!