Hi dgk. Thanks for the input and feedback. If I may ask, would you be interested in creating an RFC for your thoughts to improve Quasar in terms of Design/ Styling/ Theming for v2.0? Don’t keep yourself reduced to this situation, but go “hog wild” in imagining a new way of designing with Quasar.

This is just me, but my wish would be that components aren’t styled in any one way to begin with. But rather, they are first “styleless”. Then, there would be a “core Design” that can be added to your app (i.e. Material, Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc.). Then there would be a “Theme” choice or even set of choices that can be added. But, that is just me and my ideas. I’m not a designer. 😁

We can continue this discussion here, if you’d like. I guess bottom line is, this suggestion more than likely won’t be done. But, for v2.0, we can make designing in Quasar even better.