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  • Quasar v0.17.16 & CLI v0.17.19 are out!


    Quasar CLI v0.17.19

    • Dev on SSR gets stuck if ESLint reports any warning/error #183
    • Installing electron bundle deps fails – log() undefined #182
    • Upgrade to webpack v4.19.1, Ouch v2, webpack-compression-plugin v2, file-loader v2, postcss-loader v3, webpack-chain v4.11.0
    • Upgrade to Quasar v0.17.16

    Quasar v0.17.16

    • QDialog: emit show after focusing the element in dialog (#2585)
    • Add full responsive spacing for flex-addon (#2586)
    • Quasar v0.17.15 Web Storage API bug #2581
    • QPopupEdit, QPopover, QModal: fixes related to ‘escape-key’ (#2578)
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  • RE: Filtering Hidden Column Data posted in Help
  • Quasar v0.17.15 & CLI v0.17.18 are out!


    • feat(QInput, QChipsInput, QUploader): Add custom loading slot as QBtn (#2506)
    • fix: Popup Edit doesn’t run the validate function when using the save button #2572
    • fix: QPopover can not dismiss by mouse click in touchable notebook #2571


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  • Quasar v1.0 - Feature freeze in effect for v0.17

    Hi All Quasarians,

    It’s been a long, winding road up until this point, but I’m finally working with the team on a solid Quasar v1.0, after which there will be no further breaking changes.

    To do this, I’ve decided to feature-freeze v0.17 in order to fully focus on v1.0. This means that v0.17 is the last pre 1.0 release - and there will only be fixes merged and no new features. The only exception to this is to honour agreements with partners or main sponsors who require the integration of critical functionality or features.

    When 1.0 lands, the Quasar you know and love will have been polished to a mirror’s sheen. The UI design will be perfect - and if you think Quasar’s rendering speed is fast today, you will be glad to know that all of its components will be ruthlessly curated for the best performance possible, the most logical ease of use and the smallest footprint. Furthermore, all of the pain points (no matter how trivial) are being addressed and will be resolved.

    The documentation website is also being rebuilt using Quasar SSR, where you’ll be able to see live examples and also the source code for them in one place, optionally playing with the example in Codepen - just by clicking on a button.

    You can expect more announcements on v1.0 as we inch closer to the release. The plan is to publish it as soon as possible, but without affecting the quality – we want you to rest easy in the knowledge that everything is perfect and you can trust Quasar 100%. That said, it seems like the stars are aligning for a release candidate late this year.

    Razvan Stoenescu

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  • Quasar v0.17.14 & CLI v0.17.17 are out!

    Some regression fixes. Enjoy!

    Quasar v0.17.14


    • QPopover: only dismiss if mousedown and mouseup are both outside (#2566)


    • QSlider|QRange: fixes for ring (#2564)
    • QPopover: enforce maximum viewport size on reposition (#2563)
    • QModal: fix backdrop on mobile (#2562)
    • QDatetimePicker Mat: fixes and full responsive (#2559)

    Quasar CLI v0.17.17

    Update to Quasar v0.17.14

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  • RE: Clarification using Starter Kit and Vue Cli3, needed please

    @hawkeye64 Can you tell me more about your feelings regarding the “onboarding” process. This is an aspect of our communication with the devs that we really want to be succinct, but also informative. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  • Quasar v0.17.13 & CLI v0.17.16 are out!


    Quasar v0.17.13


    • QSlideTransition/QTree/QCollapsible new prop: “duration” (Number)
    • QField: keep botom spacing if there can be something there (#2557)
    • Simplify WebStorage logic when on SSR
    • QDatetimePicker Material version: set view to default when minimal and canClose (#2540)
    • Remove usage of cssTransform() helper – no longer needed
    • QSelect: add popup-max-height prop (#2531)
    • QPopupEdit can’t be disable #2527
    • QPopupEdit: provide initial value as second parameter when emitting save (#2514)


    • Modal closing on mouseup #2551
    • QInput/QResizeObserver on Firefox: fix spinner and object keyboard navigation (#2556)
    • Fixes for QDatetime Material version (more responsive) and QPopup (#2549)
    • SSR only keeps the last cookie set #2547
    • QCard assumes any color it’s set to is dark #2546
    • Fixes for QPopover and QTooltip (#2543)
    • Uploader doesn’t obey disabled prop #2538
    • QSelect: Fix QChip content override by innerHTML (#2526)
    • [SSR] Cannot use set() or clear() with LocalStorage on client side #2517
    • QUploader missing extensions filter onAdd event (was only onDrop) (#2533)
    • QInputFrame marginalia: don’t focus and fix icon on disable (#2515)
    • QSelect: fix clearValue (#2507)

    Quasar CLI v0.17.16

    • Updated to Quasar v0.17.13
    • Updated some deps (like webpack & workbox plugin)
    • Using router.beforeEach in app plugin fails with SSR
    • Fix missing “n” in ensure-deps.js (#175)
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  • RE: [Solved] Using router from vuex action

    The error suggests you’re still using arrow function instead of normal function as I indicated.

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  • RE: [Solved] Using router from vuex action
    export function myAction () {
      // code
      this.$router.push({path: '/myPage'})
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  • RE: Things in q table acting weird. How to fix it?

    rows/data needs to be an array, not an Object.

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