step-by-step guide ?

  • I am just starting with Vue and Quasar, so please forgive my dumb questions. After installing the quasar-cli and starting a new app, I am still trying to figure out how to integrate the components listed in For example, I want to insert a tabset, so first I tried with quasar new component tabs expecting to find in the templates folder a .vue file with imports of the tabs components and a reference to this file in App.vue. Nothing of that. So, while I see an impressive framework with a lot of good documentation I am still in the dark about the basics…

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    quasar new <first_arg> <second_arg> does not works like that. It just looks at your /templates folder and makes a copy of the file (first argument) with the name you tell it to into your /src (second argument). That’s helpful when you want to create multiple *.vue files which have similarities so you can write a component template and then quickly make copies of it.


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