Button Paddings and app.variables not working as expected after update.

  • Hi guys, I’ve created a new app based on the 0.14.4 version, all went well but I noticed that q-btn paddings are not like it used to be in the previous version and primary, seco… etc. are not registering my indicated values in the app.variable under themes. Anybody encountered this too?

  • Admin

    If you upgraded from v0.13.x then it’s understandable as about ~80% of Quasar has been rewritten for v0.14. Many Stylus variables changed.

  • @rstoenescu I started the app from scratch using 0.14 version. The padding is alright, but the app.variables in theme is what concerns me. It does not reflect the color I assigned in it.

  • Looks like there is something I missed in the docs. Its working fine now. Thank you for the reply. kudos to quasar!!

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