DataTable - compiling data from more JSONs, default view

  • I want to have a DataTable with data compiled from 2 JSONs (questions, answers). I have:
    The component:

         ref="table" >

    I load the datasets:

    import questions from '../data/questions.json'
    import answers from '../data/answers.json'
    import { QDataTable } from 'quasar'

    Then I export the component:

    export default {
        data: function () {
            data: [{}],
            columns: [],
            config: {
                leftStickyColumns: 1,
                noHeader: false,
                // other configuration
        mounted: function () {
            // first column:
                label: 'Question',
                field: 'question',
                width: '100px',
                type: 'string'
            // other columns
   => {
                    width: '15px',
                    type: 'string'
            // data from 2 files:
   => {
                var item = {}
                item.question = question.question
       => {
                    item[] = answer['votes'][]
        components: {

    And the problems:

    • No columns are shown at the load, I must select them manually in the Column Picker
    • Is it possible to show just some of the columns at load and leave the rest for the Column Picker?)
    • Is is possible to style the column name? (e.g., add picture/icon based on column name/description)

  • Admin

    All these will be possible in QDataTable revamp of future v0.15 (currently in the works).

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