Which are non-breaking updates

  • I like to keep my packages up to date but I tried the major updates as shown and it breaks quasar dev. (as of Oct 3, 2017)

    What can I safely upgrade at this time?? Sometimes is it better to start a new quasar app with the latest cli and move my code rather than upgrade all the packages?

  • I have the same question

  • Admin

    Read about semver notation here: http://semver.org/
    Hopefully all these packages follow this notation. I know most of them do.
    As it’s highlighted by your tool, major updates come with breaking changes. It’s safe to go with the minor updates though.

    Before jumping in and upgrading to a newer version, it’s best to ask yourself what are the benefits of upgrading. From my own experience, most of the times you will spend time debugging why some package stopped working for a certain scenario. Latest does not always mean better.

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