Released Quasar v0.14.4

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    You don’t wanna miss this upgrading to this release. Changelog:


    • [Request] Allow opening/closing QModal, QTooltip, QPopover & QFab via v-model #876
    • Add built in easing funcs & update carousel easing #886
    • QCarousel and QGalleryCarousel new Boolean prop (‘no-swipe’)
    • [Feature Request] Add leftColor and rightColor as options to QSelect items #913
    • Uploader file parse params before file body #904
    • Allow readonly in QInput component #901
    • Add slot tooltip in fab #928
    • Option group for Dialog now supports “inline” property #940
    • QRange, individually coloured labels #941


    • QRouteTab count attribute missing QChip #947
    • QCheckbox with non-array model emitting @change event with outdated value #896
    • Ripple is triggered when user input isn’t necessarily successful #878
    • q-uploader not working on my android #877
    • QFab close event is not triggered when calling close method with no handler #885
    • Slight label misalignment in QTab when hide prop is set to “icon” (on narrow windows only) #881
    • QSearch | @Click, :after, :before not working #912
    • QCollapsible / ItemWrapper - not initializing right side correctly #931
    • Scrollbars on QDatetime #933
    • QFab | QFabAction - Unset or incorrect Z-index #938
    • double-click in modal unexpectedly going back in browser history #945


  • “Allow opening/closing QModal, QTooltip, QPopover & QFab via v-model”. Beautiful!

  • cool stuff again!

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