Custom webview for iOS devices

  • Hi,

    Just as it is for Android, is there still a need to install a plugin to implement a custom webview for iOS devices?

    Is there an officially iOS version of the crosswalk for Cordova?

    How to deal with this now !?

    Thank you for your help,

  • Admin

    There isn’t. One of the reasons being Apple does not allow any other webview to be used other than its own.

  • actually, you can use this:

    It is FAR superior to the built in one. But if you do, you MUST include <script type="text/javascript" src="cordova.js"></script> in your index.html (in dist) for it to be able to use any other plugins. And make sure to REMOVE the cordova script when building for Android.

  • Admin

    @ssuess the cordova.js script tag is automatically injected by Quasar. Why do you say you need to add that to index.html?

  • @rstoenescu I assure you 100% it is NOT. When using the ionic webview (which replaces the default one), you absolutely need to add the tag. I have done a ton of testing in this area, starting with your default template. If I stuck with the default webview, you are correct it works. But when switching to the (much better and faster) ionic plugin for the webview, other plugins will fail unless this tag is inserted into the html. Try it, you will see.

  • Admin

    @ssuess Ah, ok, we’re talking about a custom webview, not the default one, in which case I need to add support for that too. The cordova environment detection needs to be enhanced to detect that webview too.

  • @rstoenescu if you could, that would be fantastic. I can’t tell you how much better the performance is with the ionic webview, it is night and day.

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