[Solved] Sidebar and router

  • I’m seeing an odd behavior with a side bar. I have the left sidebar and I have some q-side-link’s in it and they work fine, but I have an icon bar that opens the sidebar. Some of the icons open it and some change the route using the this.$router.push({name: ‘blah’}) method. If I open the sidebar and then change the route using one of the icons outside the sidebar, when I go to close the sidebar either with the close button I have or clicking the layouts overlay, the route goes back to where I had it when the sidebar opens, then if I click again it closes the sidebar. Anyone else run into this?

  • Possible related error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute ‘getComputedStyle’ on ‘Window’: parameter 1 is not of type ‘Element’.
    at style (81:356)
    at width (81:370)
    at VueComponent.__redraw (81:10817)
    at VueComponent.boundFn (21:166)
    at later (81:1094)

  • Same problem here, no solution

  • I have been able to fix that error one by not changing the route until after the close callback is called on a modal I was seeing it from. For example:

    layout.hideLeft(() => {
    // now change the route.

  • Sorry I missed this post. I had this exact issue and solved it the exact same way. If your problem is solved, please mark as solved

  • I might be blind :) where is the option to mark something as solved?

  • Add [Solved] to your title ;)

  • Oh, ha! Ok.

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