Quasar v0.15 Roadmap

  • @mesqueeb , @kiranvasi, sorry I never noticed this request - I’ll look for it tomorrow!

  • @kiranvasi @mesqueeb @s-molinari Sorry to be so late. First, Vue has an immediate example of this at https://vuejs.org/v2/examples/ that should get anyone going. It is very similar to adding comments here.

    When I built my own, I started with markdown-it. I added a lot of weird project based things to it so it’s hard for me to share my component. For example, I’m allowing for text substitution. Check out markdown-it-regexp for that.

    Hit me up for any specific problems you have. I have finally set up notification.

  • No foldable side menu with only icons?

  • Admin

    @Zyme This is definitely something Quasar will have. It all depends on the time I have to include this too. Don’t want to keep everybody waiting too long for v0.15.

  • @rstoenescu While I can only applaud your wanting to get to 0.15 quickly, I feel I should chime in favor of the foldable icons-only side-menu, as it seems to be the kind of sugar-coating a lot of people are looking for these days. It is part of almost all well-made “admin-templates” nowadays and many popular frameworks include it as well. I’d say it’s worth the time, if only for “marketing” purposes… just my 2cents.

  • Definitely +1 for SSR

  • @jimmack1963 Currently I am using tinyMCE within my quasar app. I wonder about your approach.

  • @RiyadhZ it seems low bandwidth and very controllable. Regex is easier on markup than any rich text. Also less mouse use. But I’m a power user mindset and your ux might indicate wysiwyg.

  • @jimmack1963 No need to be sorry :) Thanks for your inputs and I can understand . After working on it for few hours , I am thinking of going for quilljs … Looks like my users are not familiar with mark down approach so better going with rich text editor ( still thinking ) . I couldn’t find any Vuejs editors . Looks like quills is bit light weight compare to other ones and don’t need JQUERY . But looking for other light weight ones also with good functionality ( especially embedding images and youtube videos just by pasting the links ) . If you have any idea please share your ideas . Thanks again

  • This is awesome! Looking forward to this.

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