Alighieri, a distraction-free writer tool

  • Hi guys,

    I’ve just released a new application based on Quasar Framework, called Alighieri.

    It’s a distraction-free editor for writers and novelists which aims to let you to concentrate on content instead of formatting.

    It uses an approach similar to Hemingway App (but completely free) and Medium (for content editing).

    You can try it at:

    If you want to contribute, please use the official GitHub repository:

    At the moment it’s just a BETA but it already allows you to write your masterpiece and to export it to Markdown, Plain Text or HTML formats. In the near future Microsoft Word (.docx) will be supported too.

    A desktop version based on Electron is also on the roadmap, so stay tuned!

    Alighieri UI

    Hope you enjoy it!


  • Nice piece of work !

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