Qtooltip toggle method is not working

  • Tooltip toggle method is not working, and after opening a tootip and doing a scroll on the page the tooltip does not close via scrol just by click outside it

    I’m doing something wrong?

        <q-btn @click="$refs.tooltip.toogle()" class="primary">
          <!-- Direct child of target -->
          <q-tooltip ref="tooltip">
              The DOM element(s) that make up the tooltip,
              in this case a simple text:
            Some text as content of Tooltip

  • Admin

    What you seem to want is to use the QPopover instead of QTooltip.

  • @rstoenescu In the documentation of the tooltip we have 3 methods open, close and toogle, could I pass an example that how to use, because of all the ways I try I can not always get an error and returned, another problem I found that both the tooptip and the popover when open And generate scroll on the page the same does not close is still open, would this be a bug? Being that it only closes with click, but with scroll the same is still open.

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