How use latest quasar-framework version from github instead of npm package

  • Hi,
    probably it is off-topic here, but I have read about using github instead of npm package. If I wrote in package.json:

    "dependencies": {
    "quasar-framework": "quasarframework/quasar#dev",

    I get last version in node_modules (currently 0.9.0) but dist folder is missing, so I get errors running app.
    What I’m missing?

  • Try installing the CLI, init an app and then update the package.json in the created directory and run npm install again. After that, you should be able to run with quasar dev


  • Admin

    Use NPM instead of github. Quasar production code is not kept in github.

  • Hi,
    I alredy use npm and use quasar from npm repository, but I get 0.8.3, and I work with it. But I would like to test also last version.
    I will wait official release ;-)
    Thanks again

  • Admin

    I’ve been thinking lately to make a nightly build, a kind of “bleeding-edge” unstable version. Will see how much time I have to write some scripts to automate this. It would indeed be very helpful.

  • I’ve added a pull request to this. Let me know what else is needed.

  • Admin

    @blvz Merged. Thanks for this!

    There is still an issue as you can’t publish same version twice on NPM, even though the tag is different. We should also make a script to temporarily add a build number or something to the version, like “beta-1” etc.

  • Hi @rstoenescu ,
    Is it possible to add dist folder, that you publish on npm, to github?
    Because I have seen some github projects that have that.
    In this case people that want to use last development version (not published on npm repository) can simple change dependencies in package.json as I wrote before (“quasar-framework”: “quasarframework/quasar#dev”,) and use latest dev version and you will retain a clean “published” version on npm without upload single subversions.
    My 1 cent

  • Admin

  • @rstoenescu
    Thank you, I’ll try

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