Quasar v0.14.1 released.

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    It’s finally official. v0.14 released.

    Bringing Quasar to the next level. It’s a ~70-80% rewrite. Just some of the highlights:

    • Form components redone
    • Material Ripples
    • Completely new 12 points CSS Grid system (95% same syntax) - inspired by Bootstrap’s
    • Flexbox Lists
    • Card component - complete revamp from the previous CSS only version
    • Uploader component facelift
    • Layout revamp. Smarter header/footer/drawer. Eliminate the “mobile keyboard above input” issue. You’ll be able to configure header to hide/show based on user navigation through animation. Insanely easy to place header/footer/drawer(aside) on the viewport and configure where one starts and the other begins (many new possibilities).
    • Multiple font icons support (mentioning Fontawesome & Ionicons)
    • Observables (element resize & scroll) components
    • Tabs revamp (easier to handle to comprehend)
    • New Stepper (vertical and horizontal) with some requested features.
    • Material Spinner
    • Alert component
    • Chat revamp (with component)
    • Chip component (replacing “label”)
    • Pick only components you use (tree shaking)
    • Remove unused CSS code from bundle (using Purify CSS)
    • Out of the box transitions/animations (fork of animate.css)
    • Enhance slide transition
    • Remove FastClick dependency. No longer needed. (Can be injected on demand)
    • Remove Momentjs dependency.
    • 24 levels of shadows (as in Material guideline)

    These are just the main areas. There are many more enhancements.



  • Awesome! Just amazing what we have there! Cheers Max

  • very beautiful

  • Great job @rstoenescu, it looks amazing :)

  • Nice! How to upgrade from beta to 0.14.1?

  • Just change the version string in package.json to ^0.14.1

  • Update done. Lint now corrects promises accentuation. All conform us now!

  • Great job @rstoenescu , i’ve been using this pretty extensively for a current project and its working excellent

  • \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/
    Great Job @rstoenescu ! Tks

  • Thanks for the highlights list. Do you have a change log showing the updates since the “Future v0.14 Feature List”

  • @a47ae said in Quasar v0.14.1 released.:

    Just change the version string in package.json to ^0.14.1

    There are changes in the structure of boilerplate and dev-libs … Best way is to create a current project and migrate your src from Beta to the new format.

  • @rogeriomq I have to disagree with that, assuming one is already on 0.14 the easiest way to update to 0.14.1 is to update to the version in package.json.
    The updates of the packages are not necessary, they are only updated to Webpack v3, which is recommended, but the simple way to update is to just look at the div from 0.14 to 0.14.1 in the template and update accordingly.
    Diff of 0.14 template to 0.14.1 it is basically just some changes on the dev server, eslint rules and updated packages, shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to adapt to the changes. :)

  • Awesome! @rstoenescu ! thanks :)

  • How to upgrade from 0.13 to 0.14 version? Should I only update package.json and run yarn upgrade or create new project and move src folder logics?
    Also can someone tell me what the framework used for this forum. Its features and user experience is awesome.

  • @Suraj Have a look in this thread, there is no easy three step guide because lots of things changed with 0.14: http://forum.quasar-framework.org/topic/580/migration-0-13-to-0-14/5

    The forum software is called nodeBB

  • @a47ae Since I had just started project last week, i updated quasar-cli, and manually replaced or modify files/conflicts from a separate bootstrapped project to my project.

  • @Suraj If you just started this is indeed the easiest way to upgrade. :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Thank you! Looking forward to using this on the projects I am starting.

  • Oh my god, I just deployed my webserver to test those new features.
    In my opinion quasar is the best and easiest web framework nowadays, I took Quasar 0.13.9 Starter Kit with JWT Authentication and updated it to 14.1. I Also used Loopback server framework for the backend (instead of laravel). Anyone interested to check it out, here’s the link:

  • Thank you.

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