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    Anyone interested in a full-time paid job for a Quasar project please contact me on Gitter (@rstoenescu).

    Here is a part of the employer description: “I need at least one full-time person who is deeply familiar with Quasar and experienced with Vue.js. My team has never worked with Vue and come from a very corporate Angular background – so I need someone who can learn our app subsystems and “re-envision” the application as a fundamentally component-based Vue/Quasar implementation and then work with the team to share that vision.”


  • Sounds interesting. Will get in touch once I have experience with Vue and am deeply familiar with Quasar 😉

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    Everyone interested please send me your CV through email (razvan.stoenescu@gmail.com).

    Not sure if it will apply for this first job as I recommended someone already, but there are constantly new ones and I want to make a database with CVs and offer them to employers. As time allows, I will create a Quasar jobs portal online.

    Make sure to include any links to your previous work (websites, apps) if available.


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