How to close sidemenu on clicking a list item inside side menu

  • Im a beginner in quasar, how to close sidemenu on clicking an list item?

    <q-item v-for=“chapt in chapterlist” @click=“chaptSelected=chapt.value”>
    <q-item-side icon=“school” />
    <q-item-main v-bind:label=“chapt.label” sublabel=“” />

  • take a look at this and this

    Also, supposing you are using a layout and have a reference to it, do this

      // set a reference of 'layout'. could also be 'my-layout', 'bestlayout', etc
      <q-layout ref="layout">
        <div slot="left">
         // use reference you set earlier
          <span @click="$refs.layout.hideLeft()">any item will do</span>

  • how to do this if i want to call a function


    where to put this $refs.layout.hideLeft() ?

  • @rashidnk

    <q-layout ref="layout">
      <!-- Content goes here -->
    methods: {
      myFunction () {

    This assumes you are doing this in one .vue file. Reply if you need to access this method from a descendant component of the q-layout

  • @benoitranque thank you, i will try this one

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