Webpack3 starter kit

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    Hi All,

    You can now use Webpack 3 with the latest starter kit (for v0.14 beta - quasar init default#beta <folder_name>).
    Enjoy and report any errors you may encounter.


  • wooww…! that’s cool

  • Anyone who’s migrating to WP3 and noticed that hot reload stopped working can safely remove the event subscription.

    In build/hot-reload.js Replace

    const hotClient = require('webpack-hot-middleware/client?noInfo=true&reload=true')
    hotClient.subscribe(event => {
    	if (event.action === 'reload') {
    		// eslint-disable-next-line no-undef



  • Admin

    @RichAyotte yes, that is part of the new template 🙂

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